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Roy Rogers – Terraplane Blues

Roy Rogers is considered one of today’s preeminent slide guitarists. Rogers plays a variety of guitar styles related to the Delta blues, but is most often recognized for his virtuoso slide work. He is also an internationally acclaimed producer for John Lee Hooker.

Fans have been waiting five years for a new Roy Rogers solo disc, and Into the Wild Blue does not disappoint. He spent the last year writing the music, and most of the eleven tracks were laid down in just four days. This self-produced album includes a cast of awesome musicians that teamed up with him. On this effort, Rogers took care of the guitars and vocals, and he was joined by Steve Ehrmann on bass, Kevin Hayes behind the drum kit, and Jim Pugh on the keys. We have been waiting for a long period of time for Roy Rogers & the Delta Rhythm Kings to make the next band cd. As well as it was completely worth all the delay! His timeless slide guitar glides with this entire album. As well as its really terrific to lastly have some Carlos Reyes tracks to listen closely too, their cooperation is stellar! Seen them cohabit often times. ‘Last Go-Round’,’ Don’t You Let Them Win’, as well as’ Dackin ‘n are possibly my favorite tracks on the document. Dackin’ is one of the important tracks, really highlights that blues slide, some great riffs therein. Been a Roy Rogers fan for years currently and also its excellent to have finally have some new songs to rock also! very recommended for any type of blues songs, slide guitar follower.

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