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Joe Louis Walker – Hornet’s Nest

Joe Louis Walker, also known as JLW is an American musician, best known as an electric blues guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer. His knowledge of blues history is revealed by his use of older material and playing styles. NPR Music described him as “Powerful, soul-stirring, fierce and gritty…a legendary boundary-pushing icon of modern blues.”

Whether he’s exploring traditional themes or remaining cutting-edge contemporary, Joe Louis Walker now ranks with the blues elite. “I was told by many people, ‘Joe, don’t try to be me, and don’t try to be somebody else. Be yourself,'” he says. “I never was one of those guys to sit down and try to copy B.B. King note for note, or Albert King, or Freddy King. I enjoy the hell out of ’em, but I figure if I’m gonna do this here, I might as well do it and put my own stamp on it.”

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