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ZZ Top – Tush

ZZ Top – Tush Live From Crossroads Guitar Festival 2004

“Tush” is a song by American blues rock band ZZ Top and was the only single from their fourth album Fandango! The song was named the 67th best hard rock song of all time by VH1.

The song is a twelve-bar blues in the key of G. The recording was produced by Bill Ham, and recorded and mixed by Terry Manning. The title is a double entendre, referring both to slang for buttocks (with the connotation of “a piece of ass”), and slang for “luxurious” or “lavish”, according to a 1985 interview with Dusty Hill in Spin magazine. The word “tush” is pronounced in the song in such a way that it rhymes with the word “rush,” resulting in it sometimes being misheard as “touch.” (via: wikipedia.org)


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