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Walter Trout – Say Goodbye To The Blues

Water Trout was saved by the blues. He could not work for a year and a half, and had no income. At his lowest point, he couldn’t walk. He couldn’t talk. He did not know who his own children were while he was hospitalized.

“I had brain damage. I had a ventilator breathing for me, and I had a hose in my nose that they fed me liquid through,” said Trout. “None of the doctors thought I would survive. They all said, ‘The guy’s a goner.'”

But Trout is so loved by the blues community – especially in England and other parts of Europe – that a social-media campaign to raise money for his medical expenses raised $250,000 in less than a week. The money helped pay for treatment that wasn’t covered by Trout’s health insurance.

Then, on May 26 of last year, Trout experienced what can only be described as a miracle. A donor was found, and he underwent a successful liver transplant. (Read Full Article here: PressOfAtlanticCity.com)

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