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Walter Trout – Reason I’m Gone

“Reason I’m Gone” from the Walter Trout DVD Documentary of the recording of Relentless in concert at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, NL. With almost 20 tracks and special footage, this DVD is a must have for any guitar lover and fan of Walter Trout. This is a 10 min sample of this wonderful 165 minute full-length and high quality DVD.

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This DVD gives you an insider’s view into how the unique CD Relentless, featuring all new material, was recorded at the Paradiso in Amsterdam on May 14th, 2003. Hear Walter Trout tell the audience the stories behind his new songs, and then watch him turn around to the band and get song after song recorded right there on the spot. With spectacular lights and 21st century sound you see the ultimate Walter Trout and the Radicals show. As added features you get a backstage pass to watch “Behind the Scenes,” exclusive interviews with Walter Trout, the bands’ manager, and the Radicals up close and personal. With jokes and footage from the Road, bonus tracks and much more, this is the definitive documentary of Walter Trout and the Radicals delivering their new songs the way they are supposed to be recorded. Raw, unrefined, and in your face. Recording all new material in front of an audience, Walter’s guitar work, and the Radical’s playing style. In one word, RELENTLESS. (via youtube.com)

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