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Walter Trout – Bad Love

As each day passes, Walter Trout becomes both healthier and more optimistic about his future. Following a liver transplant in 2014, and extensive rehabilitation, the esteemed Bluesman looks forward towards resuming his career of fifty plus years. This next chapter takes flight with his appearance at the Royal Albert Hall in London in June, 2015 and will continue as he travels the globe returning to the stages that made him famous. After facing his own mortality, Trout remains the same man he has always been. A gentleman who says it best in the first person sharing, “I have a deep feeling for the common people, the everyday working man, the struggling addict or hopeless homeless person. I have tried to create music that calls attention my belief that we are all struggling and fighting the good fight in this life. I would like to be thought of as someone who attempted to make this world a little bit better place through his music. Whether or not I have succeeded at that is up to the listener to decide. But I promise I will continue to do that with all of my strength and ability until I am no longer able.” (source: waltertrout.com)

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