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Robert Cray – Consequences

Robert Cray (born August 1, 1953, Columbus, Georgia, United States) is an American blues guitarist and singer. A five-time Grammy Award winner, he has led his own band, as well as an acclaimed solo career.

Consequences is a sixth song on the great album “Midnight Stroll” by The Robert Cray Blues Band from 1990

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Robert Cray adds a bit more soul to the mix on this album, which features the Memphis Horns most prominently. Most of the songs are Cray doing what Cray does best–slow, soulful, done-me-wrong (or, alternatively, I-done-wrong) songs chock full of great guitar. No complaints there, and when he adds a bit of vocal growl here and there, as on the album opener “The Forecast (Calls for Pain)” (also featuring some excellent bass from Richard Cousins), and the slow shuffle “Holdin’ Court,” it keeps things interesting. This album indicates a slight shift in Cray’s direction; although he’s always included a touch of soul in his blues, here it’s more pronounced than before, a tendency he continued in subsequent recordings. — Genevieve Williams

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