I Love Blues Guitar » Mississippi Fred McDowell – Goin Down to the River

Mississippi Fred McDowell – Goin Down to the River

“Mississippi” Fred McDowell was born and grew up in Rossville, Tennessee (pop. 291), a small farming community just east of Memphis and just north of the Mississippi border. The “Mississippi” designation came later in life, after he moved down to Como, Mississippi (pop. 1,391), about 40 miles south of Memphis on the 51 Highway, in his late thirties. McDowell was born about 1904 or 1905, and worked most of his life as a farm laborer, mill worker, and tractor driver. He played music at country dances and juke joints, though as he says, “I wasn’t making money from music… sometimes they’d pay me, and sometimes they wouldn’t.”

source: http://privatewww.essex.ac.uk/~patrickp/aavesem/texts/FredMcDowellBio.html


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