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Jimmy Thackery… Cool Guitars (Sell The Bitch’s Car)

Jimmy Thackery

Jimmy Thackery rocks out the night at the greatest venue…Skippers’ Smokehouse in Tampa.. One of my favorite songs.. yes I have wanted to “sell the bitch’s car” and buy myself a cool guitar a few times myself!!!…

Jimmy Thackery is one of the greatest guitar players I have had the pleasure to actually see in action, I come from a family of guitar pickers so I know a little bit about pickin..

You just got to love this guy.. I like to see how he picks.. truly a style that is hard to do.. you can tell (well my opinion) this guy has some bluegrass in his bones.. that kind of picking was born in the hills… then to develop it into rock and blues.. it is truly a style of his own.. To find out about jimmy thackery.. go to www.myspace.com/jimmythackery Buy his music, you will not be disappointed. Hetro ladies, listen up! I have never seen so many single straight guys as I did at this concert. MEN love Jimmy Thackery’s music.. keep that in mind…

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