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Bonnie Raitt – Sweet Home Chicago

Heart-felt, visceral country-accented vocals, the slide guitar, & phenomenal lyrics – *plus* rock and roll, country, the blues, and some reggae beats in at least three tracks … she can play with the best of them and come out the “winner”. Her voice is unique, her style of playing original – she sets the standards for modern blues and country female vocals. Only one other female vocalist achieved such fame and recognition — Patsy Cline who is in a different category altogether …

If you like ‘feel good’, ‘tell it like it is’ lyrics with an upbeat sound, at times gripping gut-wrenching vocals – it is here! This compilation has some classics like, “Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About” and “I Can’t Make You Love Me” but also unexpected slower, quieter tunes, such as “Dimming of the Day”, “One Belief Away”, and “Hear Me Lord”. I hear a Caribbean reggae style beat in the last one … it is also present at the beginning of “Have a Heart” and at least one other track. The bluesy style in many tracks are balanced off by other styles to create a well rounded complete collection.

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