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Blues Shuffle Guitar Backing Track in E

It’s a 12 bar Blues with a 2 bar Intro. 145 BPM. Chords are:

Intro: E7 | C7 B7#9 |

Rest: E7 | | | | A7 | | E7 | E7 C9 B9| | A7| E7| B7#9 :||

In the last Chorus Bar 9 and 10 repeats 3 times and the last bar changes to | F9 E7#9 |

You can play different scales. The most popular are:

– Minor pentatonic [I-bIII-IV-V-bVII] (dont forget to bend the third a little when you are on the E7)

– Major pentatonic [I-II-III-V-VI] (go with the chords)

– Mix between major and minor pentatonic (Play E-major-pentatonic over E7 and B7, and E-minor-Pentatonic over A7)

– Dominant Pentatonic [I-III-V-bVII-IX] (go with the chords)

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