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Best Guitar Practice Exercise To Keep the Groove

Marc Ellison from acoustic blues band Northbound shared on youtube new excellent exercise for guitarist. Best in this lesson is that you can do this exercise anytime when you have a guitar at hand and couple minutes of time. Read below how Marc describe this exercise:

This is the best practice exercise I was ever shown. This helps improve both your rhythm playing and your lead playing and your improvisation; but most of all it helps you sound like a more complete guitarist.

The routine looks quite easy, but if you have never tried it, it can be a little tricky. The more you use it in your practice time, the easier it gets, and the better you sound as a musician.

I think this exercise will really help anyone who plays in a band. I have been doing it for many years, and I keep coming back to it.

It works for any musical style, Rock, Blues, Metal, Country, Pop, Jazz… you just have to adjust it to suit the sorts of rhythm groove that you normally play.

I hope you like this video. Please check out my other videos for more guitar lessons, tips, tricks and backing tracks.

Marc Ellison is the guitarist for the acoustic blues band Northbound:

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