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Ana Popovic – You Got the Love

Ana Popovic – You Got the Love

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“Trilogy certainly sets a high watermark for Ana’s musicianship, proving that she thrive with the Memphis sound of a full horn section and background singers, sing like the best jazz singers when backed by some of Crescent City’s best players, and crank out the funk and rock too.” – Elmore Magazine

“Ana’s voice is soulful, passionate and powerful. Combined with her sizzling guitar work, every track not only holds its own, but also stands on its own as great songwriting.” – Grateful Web

“Every artist has a masterpiece; a representation of who they are, and how they view themselves. Michelangelo brought the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel to life with his vision. Leonardo gave the world the eternally mystical smile of the Mona Lisa, and Van Gogh delighted us with Starry Night. With Trilogy, Popovic has created her masterpiece, one that critics and fans will find powerful, entertaining, and inspiring.” – American Blues Scene

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