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Jimmie Vaughan & Susan Tedeschi – Let The Good Times Roll

Susan Tedeschi an Jimmie Vaughan in Austin Texas. January 12, 1998 playing Jam with Double Trouble. Susan great vocal and great solo of Jimmie… 0

Robin Trower – Lady Love

Robin Trower Leonard Robin Trower is born March 9, 1945 year in the south-east London, guitarist, singer and composer. He collaborated in the… 0

BBQ Rock Guitar Spatula

Buddy Guy – Out Of Sight

Buddy Guy …began to stage performances in the early 50s. When he moved to Chicago in 1957, his greatest inspiration became Muddy Waters,… 0

Joe Bonamassa – Sloe Gin

Joe Bonamassa borrows his late idol Rory Gallagher’s Stratocaster to perform the song Sloe Gin during his rock history London show at the… 0

Howlin Wolf – Shake For Me

Howlin Wolf He was born in 1910 and was named after the twenty-first President of the United States, Chester Arthur. Chester Arthur Burnett… 0

Laurence Jones – Got No Place To Go

Laurence Jones This only twenty-four coming from the UK blues-rock guitarist with a child’s face breaks into a hurricane on the biggest festival… 0

Matt Schofield – Lights Are On

The Albert Collins classic played by Matt at the Jakarta Blues Festival, 2011. Matt Schofield… …is regarded as one of the most distinctive… 0

Popa Chubby – I Can’t See The Light Of Day

Popa Chubby Theodore Joseph “Ted” Horowitz (born March 31, 1960, The Bronx, New York City, United States), who plays under the stage name… 0

Justin Johnson – Rooster Blues

Justin Johnson International touring and recording artist Justin Johnson has been hailed by Guitar World as a “must-see act”, dubbed “The Wizard” for… 0

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